Petroleum Products Trading. TPS & Tidal Power Plant Constructions.

Environment Services. Transport Systems

Petroleum products and marine fuels trading
    Investing in Tidal Power Plants
    Tidal Power Plant Ecological Safety Monitoring
    Investing in Construction of Thermal Power Stations for Industry
    Maps of the wind, solar and geothermal resources of Russia
Energy Saving
    Municipal entity energy saving program
Waste management
    Project example
    Urban automated public transport facility H-Bahn

Municipal entity energy saving program

  1. Organization of consumed energy resources registration system.
  2. Energy saving in energy resources consumption.
    • Energy saving in dwelling houses.
    • Energy saving at the municipal enterprises.
    • Energy saving at  social sphere institutions.
    • Energy passport systems and energy audit.
  3. Reduction of  power consumption
  4. Non- traditional and renewable energy sources as pilot energy saving projects in a municipal entity.
  5. Using of Kyoto Protocol tools.
  6. Energy saving promotion.
  7. Regulatory and legal base development.
  8. System of organization of management and control over the program implementation.
  9. Program realization provisions.
  10. Social and economic effect  resulting from the  program measures implementation.
  11. Procedure of the installed power redistribution on the territory of the municipal entity.


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