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Investing in Tidal Power Plants

Martex Invest intends to invest in the construction of tidal power plants (TPP) in the UK.

Two sites possessing the highest chances of obtaining a positive outcome of an ecological study have been identified in the Scottish Highlands – Loch Broom and Loch Eriboll. At both of these sites barrage type TPP are envisaged. The installed capacities would be: 40 MW at Loch Broom and 70 MW at Loch Eriboll. The energy production of these tidal power plants combined would be 508 GWh per annum.

For these Highlands tidal power plant projects we intend to use the tested and proved successful at Kislaya Guba tidal power plant Russian technologies, namely the flotation construction method and orthogonal turbines that allow saving up to 40% of the cost. The mentioned tidal power plant using these technologies was commissioned in 2007 and is in operation since then.

The barrage modules of the discussed tidal power plants might in the future be used as foundations for wave power generators as this would reduce the cost of erection and maintenance of these facilities by at least 60% as compared to foundations on the sea bed.

The construction of these tidal power plants will boost the economy of the Highland and facilitate the expansion of its transport infrastructure. An increase in fish and marine life resources by 10-12% is also expected judging by the experience gained through the operation of the Kislaya Guba tidal power plant mentioned above. Several thousand new jobs will be created during construction, new significant taxpayers will emerge and more than $ 323 million will flow into the economies of the Highland and Scotland at large. The shipbuilding industry as well as other industries in Scotland will receive large contracts for equipment manufacture and civil works.

Highlands’s tidal power plants may become an attraction, as they will be the world’s first combined tidal and wave power plants. That will definitely boost the popularity of the Highlands. The Rance tidal power plant in France for example is a popular tourist destination. It is quite realistic to expect that something similar will happen with the Highlands tidal power plants.

With the commissioning of the Highland’s tidal power plants Scotland will become a large producer of green power. Generation of 508 GWh of clean electricity per annum will reduce СО2 emissions by 254 thousand tons a year.

We are aware that navigation in the gulfs of Highland is important. However, navigation problems, as in the case of many hydropower plants in the world, are solvable by construction of sluices and channels for shipping, fish and marine animals’ migration.

The Highland’s tidal power plant’s barrages will be equipped with a number of sluices and passages sufficient for the migration of fish and marine animals. In addition a road is to be constructed on the dam that will connect both of shore thus improving the transport infrastructure of the gulfs shore of the Highland.

The cost of tidal energy generated by the Rance tidal power in the Électricité de France power system is lower than that produced by nuclear, thermal or conventional hydropower stations. Implementation of the discussed project will lead to a lower cost of electricity in the Highland. That in itself will become a stimulus for business development and may attract new industries to the region.

Russian specialists from the Scientific Research Institute for Power Structures and JSC RusHydro who designed and constructed the successfully operating Kislaya Guba and Malaya Mezen tidal power plants in Russia may realize the Highlands tidal power plants construction project using the suggested innovative technologies.

The results of a 35 years long ecological monitoring at the Kislaya Guba tidal power plant substantiate the fact that a tidal power plant of the proposed type does not cause any noticeable damage to the ecology of its site. We commit to conduct any required ecological studies prior to construction of the Highlands tidal power plant and if it indeed materializes we intend to conduct a following ecological monitoring of the site. 

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