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Investing in Construction of Thermal Power Stations for Industry to Save Expenditure on Power from the Grid

Martex Invest finances construction of thermal power stations for industrial plans and industrial parks with its own capital.

A thermal power plant can generate four different types resources: electric power, heat energy, refrigeration and CO2 (if this is required). Our company supplies industrial enterprises with these resources at a discount.

Simultaneous generation of several energy resources increases fuel efficiency and cuts the production costs.  Transmission of energy resources takes place from the power station directly to the customer cutting out wires and supply companies thus achieving economy of transmission and supply expenses.

As is known grid and supply companies in Russia are de facto monopolies and their share in the end price to the customer may reach up to 50% of the total. By removing the monopolists’ component from the tariff we get the opportunity to share the savings with the customer. This allows offering the customer significant discounts while they can reduce their expenditures. Besides, the customer does not have to pay for connection to our local network and save money that he would otherwise have to spend for connection to the local wires company’s network.

Realization of a distributed generation project allows a customer:

  • To reduce expenditure on power, heat energy, refrigeration and supply of CO2
  • To avoid additional expenditure for connection to the grid in case of increased capacity off-take due to growth
  • To reduce the cost of energy resources even more when the customer’s production grows. In such cases we are prepared to increase our generation capacity and supply energy at even lower prices as our per unit costs of production decrease as well.

The industrial enterprise gets all of these benefits without any expenditure of its own.

The industrial enterprise may obtain back-up reserves from the centralised grid if it so desires.

Distributed generation proposals of the nature described above may be interesting for large retail and entertainment complexes, shopping malls, industrial parks and large industrial enterprises. Services of this nature are of interest to customers experiencing complexities with energy supplies of a certain quality as well as those who aim to achieve significant cost savings.

Real estate requirements for a 25 MW generation facility adjacent to an industrial customer are – 0,25-1 hectare. It is also possible to locate the generation facility on the customer’s territory.

The following minimal consumption levels are necessary to justify construction of a distributed generation facility:


Generation type


Minimum power consumption





Electric energy


8 MW





Electricity and heat energy

5 MW

3 MW




Electricity, heat and refrigeration

3,5 MW

1,5 MW

1,5 MW heat equivalent


Quadro- generation

Electricity, heat, refrigeration and CO2

2,5 MW

1 MW

1 MW heat equivalent

0,5 ton/hour

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