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Petroleum products and marine fuels trading

Martex Invest is an independent supplier of marine fuel in the Black Sea basin and exporter of refined oil products from the Far East. Martex Invest has been operating in the region for 8 years and presents a rare combination of deep local knowledge and Western business style. Our strength comes from intimate knowledge of the market, understanding of local mentality as well as life-long reputation and connections in the industry and the region.


Many of Martex Invest team members are locals, some with over 30 years of experience in the region. Additionally, we employ professionals from different cultural backgrounds with a wide spectrum of skills and knowledge in marine fuel supply and shipping industry. Martex Invest operates in a very transparent manner with our bunkering barges fully equipped to ensure quality and quantity supplied as required by our customers.




Martex Invest is a leading physical supplier of marine fuel in the Black Sea basin. We purchase marine fuel from local refineries and supply our customers via our own bunkering fleet at either port or at sea. Our highly qualified team boasts years of experience in every aspect of the marine fuel supply and shipping industry. Martex Invest traders are available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year to provide quality services to our customers.


Martex Invest high-quality logistics infrastructure provides ability to control the entire supply chain from refinery to the client’s vessel and ensures quick on-time deliveries as well as stringent product quality control. Bunkers are tested at several points throughout the delivery process by recognized global independent surveyors to ensure that the customer receives the exact product to serve their needs. The product is delivered with own bunkering fleet and supplied before/during/after cargo operations, at port and on roads.


Martex Invest bunkering volumes have been growing significantly above the market, even more so in recent years, as we have been growing our market share. We expect this trend to continue as we expand our area of operations and delivery volume capacity.




Martex Invest has been delivering a range of refined oil products from Far East of Russia into Asia since 2008. Until mid 2000s Martex Invest was the leading exporter of products such as naphtha, distillates to South East Asia and Japan.


Today Martex Invest is an active player in cargo trade of crude and full range of refined products from majors ports in the Far East of Russia into various destinations in Asia. We have in-deph awareness of the market through our relationships with local suppliers and end buyers, which we have been built over decades of cooperation. 

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