Welcome to the Russian market of environment service and energy

Martex Invest Ltd. invites partners to take part in the development of business in environment sphere and energy and participate in housing and communal services reform in Russia.

Currently Martex Invest starts realization of the Federal Target Program (FTP) "Complex program of the housing and communal reforming and modernization for the period of 2010-2020" in cooperation with the state research organization "Council for studying of productive forces" under the Ministry of economic development of Russia and the Russian Academy of Sciences.
Working out of regulatory base for realization of FTP and startup of several pilot projects for development of FTP basic mechanisms will become the first stage of the work. Mechanisms of the program, including typical bank products and procedures of municipal infrastructure development crediting, will be specified in the scope of the pilot projects.
For cooperation in the framework of the program of housing and communal services reforming we propose to create company "Infrastructure Modernization" - Russian analogue of the company Veolia Environment.
The company will be working in the following sectors:
The priority of such company creation is caused by the necessity to solve the following problems:
Successful business activity prerequisites
Investment advantages of the business
At present we are on the threshold of the large reform, the scope of which is comparable to the power industry reform in Russia (the budget of the municipal modernization is approximately $140 billions). We propose you to take part in the development of the reform principles and in realization of the FTP projects "Complex program of the HCS reforming and modernization for the period of 2010-2020".