Energy saving

Martex Invest Ltd. is developing and realizing the investment  program on reduction of energy consumption at the communal and energy facilities of the private and municipal enterprises
for its own account and in cooperation with Energy and Gas company ENECO.

Installation of frequency converters,controlling motor speed, in the energy facilities  is the most effective way of energy consumption reduction.

We install frequency converters on the 55 kW motors at the facilities of the big energy consuming enterprises.
The project implementation will result in reduction of energy consumption by 25% in average.

Reimbursement of expenses for the purchase and installation of the given equipment is realized for account of funds to be received from the energy and energy resources saving.

The scope of the program includes:

The contract is concluded for the period of 5 years. Installation and engineering costs are reimbursed during this period. Besides support manning is carried out during this period.

After this period is expired, the installed equipment will be transferred to the possession of the operating enterprise.

Also we develop energy saving programs for regions and municipalities.